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cardinal o'brien's WYD lectures

Posted by SCMO on 22nd August 2005 in Christianity |

cardinal o'brien's WYD lectures.  Attending last week's World Youth day events in Cologne, cardinal keith o'brien delivered two catechesis sessions on 18 and 19 August. In the first, the cardinal spoke on the topic; "MEETING CHRIST IN THE EUCHARIST" describing the Eucharist as;  "a help for our journey through life, a help for our journey into eternity, that bond which unites us with the whole Church in Heaven, on Earth and in Purgatory, and which hopefully one day will be our ˜Viaticum , our final ˜way to Almighty God."  cardinal o'brien recounted several masses he had celebrated throughout his life as a priest, bishop and cardinal, the last mentioned b...

cardinal keith O’Brien celebrates Silver Jubilee as a Bishop

Posted by SCMO on 6th August 2010 in Christianity |

Friday 6 August 2010cardinal keith O Brien celebrates Silver Jubilee as a Bishop  cardinal keith Patrick O Brien, the UK s most senior Churchman, celebratesthe 25th anniversary of his ordination as a bishop this week.  The cardinal became Archbishop of St. Andrews & Edinburgh on 5 August 1985.Reflecting back on his 1985 Episcopal Ordination - which took place atEdinburgh s St Mary s Cathedral, cardinal O Brien said: Life became even  more hectic for me after that “ although I realized that I had to be a ˜still point  of prayer and calm in a busy Church in an even more busy world. Fittingly the  then new Archbishop O Brien chose as his motto for ...

Pope Benedict XVI confirms he will visit Scotland.

Posted by SCMO on 5th February 2010 in Christianity |

Friday 5 February 2010Pope Benedict XVI confirms he will visit Scotland.Addressing Scotland's Catholic Bishops in Rome today, the Pope has confirmed he will travel to Scotland later this year as part of his UK visit. Responding to an address by cardinal keith o'brien, the Pope said; "Later this year, I shall have the joy of being present with you and the Catholics of Scotland on your native soil."In his remarks, Pope Benedict spoke against euthanasia and sectarianism and gave vocal support to Scotland's catholic schools saying; "Faith schools are a powerful force for social cohesion"Referring to the Reformation 450 years ago which he described as a "great ruptur...

cardinal-designate calls for unity and prayer.

Posted by SCMO on 10th July 2003 in Christianity |

At a Mass at 12.45pm in St. Mary's Cathedral today, cardinal-designate keith Patrick o'brien spoke in his sermon of the importance of family life and the challenges it faced, among them;  "the prospect of legalisation equating same-sex partnerships with marriage, as well as a dramatic fall in our birthrate, as couples choose to postpone children or prevent them altogether."  In a challenge to the Scottish Justice Minister, the cardinal-elect said;  "Some few days ago, the Court of Appeal scrapped the offence of shameless indecency', normally used to prosecute men who prey on teenage boys. This leaves a loophole in the law and removes protection for our childr...

Church welcomes Pope Francis’ decision to accept cardinal O’Brien’s resignation

Posted by SCMO on 20th March 2015 in Christianity | cardinal keith o'brien, resignation, Archbishop Cushley, Pope Francis

The Catholic Church in Scotland has welcomed the decision of Pope Francis to accept the resignation of cardinal keith Patrick O Brien from the rights and duties of a cardinal. In what is an unprecedented action, cardinal O Brien has now removed himself from the key duties that pertain to the office of cardinal: the election of any future Pope and the assistance of the Holy Father in the governance of the Universal Church. cardinal O Brien will also be reduced to a strictly private life with no further participation in any public, religious or civil events. Archbishop Leo Cushley of St Andrews & Edinburgh said; As most people are aware, Pope Francis is a go...


Posted by SCMO on 14th September 2010 in Christianity |

Tuesday 14 September 2010cardinal O BRIEN TO RECIEVE SCOTTISH YOUTH CROSSAT ONE OF COUNTRY'S MOST HISTORIC CHRISTIAN SITES. ¢      1730, ST PATRICKS CHURCH, COWGATE, EDINBURGH ¢      1830 THE ESPLANADE, EDINBURGH CASTLE ¢      1845 APPROX, ST MARGARET S CHAPEL, EDINBURGH CASTLEcardinal keith Patrick O Brien will this evening bless then receive a newYouth Cross presented to him by the young Catholic people of Scotland.The Scottish Youth Cross will be carried in procession by young people andyouth workers of the Catholic Church. The Cross will be blessed at 5:30pmin St Patrick's Church in Edinburgh s Cowgate by cardinal keith o'brien,who has been Pr...
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