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12 June
Jun 12
12th June 2000

Fr. Danny (45) has been Deputy Director of the Catholic Media Office, in effect the late Monsignor Connelly's understudy, since 1991.The Bishops began a review of the Church's media relations office after Mgr. Connelly's death in October and Fr. Danny will the official spokesperson for the Church until that review is complete.PR 061200  ...

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15 May
May 15
15th May 2000

The Bishops' Conference of Scotland is to host the annual meeting of spokespersons of the various Episcopal Conferences of the Catholic Church in Europe. The meeting will be held from May 18 - 21 in Glasgow.The Bishops' Conference of Scotland is to host the annual meeting of spokespersons of the various Episcopal Conferences of the Catholic Church in Europe. The meeting will be held from May 18 - 21 in Glasgow.Besides a full exchange of information and viewpoints on media relations and current issues facing the Bishops of Europe, the main theme will be the challenge of putting the Christian message across in an increasingly secular environment.Among the other themes to be addressed will be the preparations for World Youth Day in Rome in August, which is expected to draw around two million young people to the Eternal City, and the possibility of further collaboration between the various press offices of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe.The main speakers will be Bishop Donal Murray, the Bishop of Limerick in Ireland and Dr Jim McDonnell, Director of Catholic Communications Centre in London.Around 20 participants are expected to attend from all over Europe. The meeting will be chaired by Monsignor Tom Connelly, Spokesman for the Catholic Bishops' Conference and by Dr Helmut Steindl, Spokesman for CCEE (The Council of European Bishops' Conferences).Further Information can be obtained by contacting:  Monsignor Tom Connelly(Catholic Media Office, Glasgow, Scotland)Tel: 0141-221-1168  Fax: 0141-204-2458.  Dr Helmut Steindl  Tel: 0041-26-341-7150  Fax: 0041-26-322-4993  ...

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12 May
May 12
12th May 2000

A unique moment in history ¦that was how Scotland's most senior politicians described their audience with Pop John Paul yesterday on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the Scots College in Rome.First Minister Henry McLeish joined Scottish Secretary John Reid at a special Papal audience in the Vatican and were introduced to the Pope by Cardinal Winning.The lords Provost of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen were also present for the special event - one of a series being held in Rome this week to mark the College's anniversary.Cardinal Winning said: "Today's events are full of significance. I think of the contrast between the Scotland of 1600 and the Scotland of today. Then the Scottish Parliament had outlawed the Catholic Church. Today we are privileged to welcome the First Minister of the new Scottish Parliament, as well as the Scottish Secretary representing the British Government."I consider the Scots College in Rome to be the most important institution in the Scottish Catholic Church. Because when the Church was outlawed, Pope Clement VIII threw a lifeline to our beleaguered people by setting up a very humble centre in Rome to train priests for the home mission. Over the years the ministry of those priests has helped keep the faith alive in Scotland."I see the presence today of our First Minister and Scottish Secretary as a sign of the new era of co-operation which marks our time. It is wonderful that they could both be here. It reminds all of us of how far the Catholic community has come over the centuries until today when we can play a full and active part in the life of the nation."The Pope himself also spoke of Scotland's "glorious inheritance" of the Scots College in Rome and of how he urged the current students of the college to find inspiration in the example of their forebears.He said, "You originate in a glorious past, may you live up to that past, and go on to build on your priceless heritage"This was a view echoed by both Henry McLeish and by John Reid. Mr. Reid expressed his personal pleasure and privilege that, as a Catholic, he was in Rome meeting the Pope as a representative of the British Government.Henry McLeish said, "In my first trip abroad as First Minister it is a great honor to meet the Holy Father, and to be representing not only the Scottish Parliament, but all the major cities of Scotland."Today was about how we want Scotland to be working together, all in all against the background of the history of the Scots College over the last 400 years."Pope John Paul is a wonderful man, irrespective of what your religious views may be. He is a great champion of the poor, human rights, and world peace."Tomorrow, the Mediator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Rt. Rev. Andrew McLellan, and his wife Irene, will join the politicians, Cardinal and Bishops for a special Mass being held 400 years to the day of the foundation of the college by Pope Clement VIII.5th December 2000  ...