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15 April
Apr 15
15th April 1999

Cardinal Winning will join the Pope at a ceremony in St Peter's Square this Sunday (18th April 1999) when the founder of the Marist Brothers will be declared a Saint.  Arriving in the city in 1858, the Marist Brothers were responsible for founding 8 schools in Scotland.  Whilst Brother Marcellin Champagnat - the Founder - is the one to be canonised in Rome, it is Marist Brother Walfrid who is probably better known in the East End of the city for his involvement with Celtic Football Club.  For Further Information: Contact - Brother Lewis - Tel: 0141-339-8259  ...

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11 April
Apr 11
11th April 1999

Father Paul Morton, Parish Priest of Corpus Christi, Calderbank, has been appointed Co-ordinator of Pastoral Planning for the Diocese of Motherwell s Bishop Joseph Devine.His new role is to promote the ongoing renewal of Christian Life in the Diocese and ensure that the work of the various Agencies is co-ordinated and publicised.At a time when Christian values are under constant attack and Church attendances continue to fall, Father Paul will find his new and additional role both challenging and demanding.ENDSFURTHER INFORMATION:Father Paul Morton,Corpus ChristiCrowwood CrescentCalderbankAIRDRIEML6 9TATel: 01236-763670FAX: 01236-770368PR 041199 TC...

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6 April
Apr 6
6th April 1999

European ElectionsOn June 10th we go to the polls to elect members of the European Parliament. The Catholics Bishops of the countries of the European Union, in which Scotland is fully represented, encourage all citizens use their right to vote at these elections and in doing so, contribute to the construction of a better continent for all our people.  Over the centuries Scotland has enjoyed good and cordial relations with the countries of mainland Europe and we are confident such traditions will be strengthened in years to come.  Europe is changing. Since 1989, when Communism collapsed, the continent has, in the words of Pope John Paul II, once more begun to breathe with both lungs, east and west. Soon new member states from the former Eastern bloc will be admitted; the structures of the EU are being revised. Now is the hour for all of us to show our commitment to the ideal of giving a soul to the new Europe which is taking shape.  In an increasingly fragmented world the European Union offers a beacon of hope; an example of fruitful international co-operation. The Church views positively moves towards closer European integration and favours a new solidarity among the people of the Old Continent.  The European Parliament is an increasingly important body in our daily lives. Many important economic, social and moral issues will be decided at European level in the future. It is up to us to be vigilant, therefore, and elect members of the European Parliament of sound moral principles.  We owe it to ourselves and to our fellow citizens of Europe to make the ideal of European co-operation a reality.  The European Union was born out of the destruction and chaos which followed World War II. As war rages in our continent for the first time in fifty years, it is vital that we show our commitment to building a peaceful and safe common European homeland, and demonstrate our support for the efforts at restoring peace currently being pursued by the European Union.  Europe's Christian roots need to be rediscovered. We can help in that process by voting according to our conscience on June 10th.  ENDS...