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4 September
Sep 4
04th September 2003

£1m Endowment Appeal for Scots College, Rome launched.  

Speaking during the Spring meeting of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland at  
Scotus College in Glasgow today, Archbishops Keith O'Brien and Mario Conti urged  
Scotland's catholic community to contribute to the endowment appeal for the  
Scots College in Rome.


In formally launching the appeal the archbishops unveiled a leaflet which will  
shortly be distributed to every parish in Scotland asking parishioners to support  
the work of the college with a financial donation.


Archbishop O'Brien explained that recent generous donations had allowed the  
college to build a new high quality library with state of the art computer facilities.  
The present appeal aims to help meet the needs of the College well into the  
future. Archbishop O'Brien added, "This appeal is aimed at all who would  
like to help the College continue its work and be a spiritual and cultural bridge  
between Scotland and Rome."


Archbishop Mario Conti explained "the Bishops recently announced their  
intention of maintaining the Scots College in Rome, we hope this endowment will  
benefit the College and the Church for many years to come." Adding, "our  
target is £1,000,000. We already have £150,000 and this appeal will  
run until June 2004. The new library will be officially inaugurated in the autumn,  
when we hope to announce the progress of this appeal."


Note; Cheques should be made payable to;'The Scots College Rome Trust' and  
sent c/o The Archdiocese of Glasgow, 196 Clyde Street, Glasgow, G1 4JY.


The photograph shows Archbishop O'Brien (left) and Archbishop Conti with some  
of the leaflets being sent to parishes.



Peter Kearney

Catholic Media Office

0141 221 1168

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