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2 October
Oct 2
02nd October 2008
Thursday 2 October 2008


Archdiocese of Glasgow commissions Scotland s most famous painter.

The most important commission for a Scottish Catholic Cathedral since
the 16th century Reformation is to be announced on Friday by Glasgow s
Archbishop Mario Conti for the city s St Andrew s Cathedral.

Peter Howson, Scotland s most famous painter, has been chosen to
complete a huge, iconic work, to be placed in St Andrew s Cathedral when
it re-opens after renovation works in 2010. Full details of the subject
matter and initial drafts will be revealed at the press conference.

The painting, expected to be the largest crowd scene ever painted in
Scotland “ with upwards of 600 individual figures included “ will become
the focal point in the renewed worship space.

Renowned Scottish composer James Macmillan will be present at the press
launch to speak on the historical and social significance of the
commission and the influence of religion and art on society.

Peter Howson will unveil initial studies at the launch and the
Cathedral space where the painting will be placed will be open for

You are invited to send a reporter/photographer/film crew to cover this
event on Friday October 3 at 11am at the Archdiocese of Glasgow Offices,
196 Clyde Street Glasgow, G1 4JY.

Archbishop Conti, Peter Howson and James MacMillan will be present and
available for interview.

For more information contact Ronnie Convery, Director of
Communications, Archdiocese of Glasgow. 0141 226 5898 or

Ronnie Convery
Director of Communications
Archdiocese of Glasgow
196 Clyde Street
G1 4JY
Tel: 0141 226 5898
Fax: 0141 225 2600


The Archdiocese of Glasgow is a charity registered in Scotland

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