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26 June
Jun 26
26th June 2006

Presiding at the Graduation Mass today ( Monday 26 June 2006) for the Catholic students at the Faculty of Education of the University of Glasgow who were being awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Education [PGDE] (Primary) Bishop Philip Tartaglia called on them to be, "Catholic to your fingertips".  

In a homily, which praised the "great tradition of Catholic primary school teaching", the bishop hoped that the newly qualified teachers "will not just be a teacher with a job in a Catholic school, but a Catholic teacher who teaches in a Catholic school".  

Before blessing the students, Archbishop Tartaglia stated, that he "considered the Catholic school to be a principal arena for my pastoral concern and regarded the teachers as among my closest co-workers".  


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The full text of Archbishop Tartaglia's homily is shown below

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