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5 January
Jan 5
05th January 2007

In a Pastoral Letter to be read out at all Masses in Scotland this Sunday (7 January 2007) Bishop Peter Moran, the Bishop of Aberdeen, re-iterates the Catholic Church s opposition to the renewal of Trident and calls on Catholics to contact your MPs and make sure they know the views of the Church and your own views.  

Building upon Pope Benedict s 2007 Message for Peace, Bishop Moran said that real peace is much more than the absence of outward violence. Violence can still be there, as a threat, in people s attitudes. He continued: For any real peace attitudes have to change. We need to begin building a culture of peace.  

Bishop Moran who is President of the Catholic Church's Justice & Peace Commission, was joined by the National Secretary of the Justice & Peace Commission, Dr Richard McCready who said that Bishop Moran clearly highlights the need for everyone to work for peace, to examine our own behaviour and ensure that we promote peace in everything we do.  


Note to Editors: The full text of Bishop Moran's letter is shown below. It  
will be read at all Masses in Scotland's 500 Catholic Parishes over the  
weekend of 6 & 7 January.  

Simon Dames  
Scottish Catholic Media Office  
Bishops Conference of Scotland  
5 St. Vincent Place  
Glasgow G1 2DH  
0141 221 1168  

The full text of Bishop Moran s address is shown below.  

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