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11 June
Jun 11
11th June 2002

Following the decision by the Bishops' Conference of Scotland to review the  
future use of the Royal Scots College in Salamanca, Bishop Ian Murray will  
this week travel to Spain to meet the students and staff there.  

Before leaving Bishop Murray said; "As the last rector of the Scots College  
in Valladolid and a former rector of the College in Salamanca, I identify  
closely with our staff and seminarians in Spain."  

The Bishop's visit is intended to convey the thinking on seminaries of the  
Scottish Bishops, clarify the future uses to which the college may be put  
and make arrangements for the future study plans of the students.  

Bishop Murray added; "As a member of the first group of students to return to  
Spain in 1950 after the college had been closed for 13 years during the  
Spanish Civil War, I am well aware of the ebb and flow of events that have  
affected our presence in Spain over many years. I retain the hope that in  
time we will be able to fully re-use the college as in the past."  

Bishop Murray, is Bishop of the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles. He will  
travel to Spain on Friday 8 November and return on Monday 11 November.  


Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
0141 221 1168

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