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19 April
Apr 19
19th April 2005

Bishop of Aberdeen welcomes new Pope.  

Reacting to the election of the Pope, Right Reverend Peter A Moran, Bishop of Aberdeen, commented;  

"It is great news for the Catholic Church and for me personally that a new Pope has been chosen: we are uneasy while we are leaderless.  

The electors who choose a Pope draw on their wisdom and their experience: but even more, they make their choice after much prayer. We believe that their choice is guided by the Holy Spirit of God. We believe that Pope Benedict XVI is God s choice.  

On a human level and on a political level the choice is very interesting.  

Before Pope John Paul the Second, the choice of a German to be Pope would have been astonishing, almost unheard of; today, we take this particular aspect almost for granted. But once again we have a Pope who grew up in difficult times, under a harsh regime, and in his young adulthood saw his country divided.  

Many of us had wondered if the new Pope might be non-European “ from Latin America, perhaps, or even from Africa. We now know “ not this time; perhaps later. Perhaps our newly-expanded Europe needs moral and spiritual leadership more than most!  

What about Pope Benedict s age “ he is seventy-eight. I was in Rome nearly fifty years ago when Giovanni Roncalli, Pope John the Twenty-third, was elected at seventy-eight, and people nodded and said, Oh, just a stop-gap Pope . He surprised us all. Josef Ratzinger may well surprise us, too. He may be elderly in years, but he is vigorous, clear-headed, widely read, cultured and very very experienced.  

I look forward to a steady but energetic pontificate."  


Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
5 St. Vincent Place  
G1 2DH  
0141 221 1168  

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