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11 August
Aug 11
11th August 2005

Cardinal congratulates Sir Tom Farmer.  

Reacting to the announcement today that Kwik-Fit founder Sir Tom Farmer will be one of six people awarded the Andrew Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy 2005, Cardinal Keith O Brien said:  

I am absolutely delighted that Sir Tom Farmer s philanthropy and unstinting generosity are being recognised in this way. Tom truly represents the best Scottish traditions of philanthropy and constantly uses his private wealth for the benefit of many far less fortunate than himself.  

Cardinal O Brien added;  

It is only when someone mentions the help they and their charitable cause have received from Sir Tom either at home or abroad that I realise something of the full extent of his generosity which is truly global."


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Note to Editors:  

Sir Tom Farmer will be one of six people handed the Andrew Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy 2005, considered the philanthropy world's equivalent of the Nobel Prize  
At a ceremony, due to take place in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on October 4, will be the first time the awards have taken place outside the United States.  
The event was inaugurated in 2001 and is held every two years for individuals deemed to have dedicated their private wealth to public good. Each receives a bronze bust of the Scots-born philanthropist Andrew Carnegie and a bronze medal.  

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