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28th October 2011

Statement from Cardinal O'Brien on Commonwealth Heads of Government
declaration on the Royal Succession:

Cardinal Keith O'Brien said;

"I welcome the statement from the Prime Minster indicating that his
Government together with all of the Commonwealth Heads of Government
intend to reform the Royal Succession. I am pleased to note that the
process of change, which I hope will lead to repeal of the Act has started
and I look forward to studying the detail of the proposed reforms and
their implications in due course."


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Note to Editors:

The Catholic Church in Scotland has consistently called for the complete repeal of the Act of Settlement. In 1999, the late Cardinal Thomas Winning described it as " embarrassing anachronism for both the royal family and Parliament"


In 2005 at a National anti-sectarianism summit, Cardinal Keith O'Brien described it as; "a piece of arcane legislation" adding "it causes offence and is hurtful"


Also in 2005 Cardinal O'Brien said;
"The prohibition on Catholics marrying the Heir to the throne or becoming Head of State is discriminatory and offensive. Apart from anything else, the existing legislation is a gross infringement of the human rights of members of the Royal family."


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