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6 July
Jul 6
06th July 2007
In an article published in today's Scotsman (Friday 6 July 2007), Cardinal Keith O'Brien reflects on the response to his comments on abortion one month ago, arguing that "the "abortion debate" in the UK rarely involves any actual discussion about the realities of abortion!" he adds " 'Red herrings' and diversionary tactics keep us from proper consideration of the value of each and every human life." and concludes, "That has largely been the tactic used by many in response to me."  

Cardinal O'Brien calls for a review of the existing law and in a direct plea to Gordon Brown whose action on poverty and debt relief in Africa he commends, he states; "our compassion towards the newborn and starving child in Darfur or Eritrea is surely hypocritical and hollow if we wantonly ignore the needs of their unborn counterparts in Dunfermline or Edinburgh who through abortion face the end of their short lives just as certainly as if they were born into poverty and malnutrition on the other side of the globe"  


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Note to Editors:  

The full text of the article appears below and can be viewed at http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/  

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