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29 November
Nov 29
29th November 2005

Speaking to pupils at St. Andrew s High School in Kirkcaldy today (29 November) where he was on a visit ahead of the feast day of the school s Patron Saint tomorrow, Cardinal Keith O Brien called on pupils to pressurise politicians with demands to make St Andrew's day a national holiday.  

In an address to pupils he said;  

In recent years there has been a great increase in the interest shown in St. Andrew and much attention focused on whether or not his the 30 November should be a public holiday. I believe very strongly that it should and have given my support to all those who have campaigned for it. I welcome the many recent initiatives, which aim to raise the profile of St Andrew s Day. However, celebrations, commemorations and social functions while serving a useful purpose fall far short of the national recognition our Patron saint deserves. Such recognition will only come when St. Andrew s day becomes a national public holiday.  

Cardinal O Brien added;  

In just a few years from now many of you will be first time voters, attracting the attention of our politicians who will be keen to enjoy your support. As the electorate of tomorrow, I urge you to keep the cause of St. Andrew close to your hearts. Remember your time here in St. Andrew s High School and be sure to quiz all those who seek your vote on whether or not they support the campaign for a public holiday on St. Andrew s Day. I wish you every success in making sure that the voices of your generation are heard defending the cause of Scotland s foremost saint.  


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