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26 June
Jun 26
26th June 2005

Cardinal O'Brien to call on Edinburgh marchers to tell G8 leaders;  
" We have no intention of being accomplices in barbarity and we are scandalized by the needless suffering which poverty causes"  

In a hard hitting speech to be delivered to the huge rally expected to take place in Edinburgh this Saturday,(2 July 2005) Cardinal Keith O'Brien, will say he is participating in the Make Poverty History campaign because he is;  
"scandalized by the needless suffering poverty causes" which he describes as; "a crime against humanity, a great injustice and one to which we must all respond. To be passive or indifferent is to be an accomplice in barbarity."  

Cardinal O'Brien who is also the President of SCIAF (Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund) the Catholic Church's International aid agency will describe how recent visits to Africa including a trip to Ethiopia left him shamed at the world's response speaking of the inhuman conditions he encountered he will say;  
" such conditions are all too often commonplace, such conditions destroy human dignity, such conditions shame us all."  

The Cardinal will end with a call to the G8 leaders to; Listen to the voice of your people! and to remind themselves of " the great good it is in their power to deliver."  

The Cardinal will be one of the platform speakers to address the rally in The Meadows on Saturday morning.  


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