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17 February
Feb 17
17th February 2012

Fri, 17 Feb 2012  

Catholic Church launches biggest ever arts festival

Some of Scotland s best known artists, politicians, Church leaders and academics will come together on Tuesday to launch LentFest 2012, the Catholic Church s biggest ever annual arts festival.
Peter Howson, Sandy Moffat, and Richard Demarco will join Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Archbishop Mario Conti, composer James MacMillan and senior staff from the Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde, Caledonian and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for the launch.
A special message from the Vatican will be delivered and there will be an opportunity to meet some of the performers at the launch, who come from as far afield as Italy, Russia and Ukraine.
The event is the brainchild of Archbishop Mario Conti, who wanted to restore the Catholic Church to the role of patron of the arts.   In his final year as Archbishop (he is due to retire this year), he is delighted at the mushrooming in size and impact of the Festival.
He said: This year s festival presents a delightful range of musical offerings, including a Gregorian Chant workshop hosted at the University; the extraordinary exhibition of stations of the cross has inspired Scotland s top artists to submit their new and original works, there is a new film festival and the traveling production of the new play St John Ogilvie will bring drama to communities across the Glasgow area for the next six weeks.
The Principal of the University of Glasgow, Anton Muscatelli said: I warmly welcome Lentfest to the University of Glasgow . The festival provides an opportunity for all people “ whatever religion or belief to come together and celebrate art, music, film and theatre and so we are delighted to be able to host this exhibition/these events at the University


Note to Editors:

You are invited to send a reporter/photographer/camera crew to the launch of LentFest 2012 at 11am, Glasgow University Memorial Chapel.  
There will be an opportunity to interview the Archbishop, the Deputy First Minister and artists including Peter Howson who will unveil his three new stations of the cross. All of the art works will be present at the launch.  
Drinks and canapés will be served.

For more information or to arrange interviews please contact Ronnie Convery,  
Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of Glasgow at 07735 224789  
or Ronnie.convery@rcag.org.uk or view the website www.lentfest.co.uk
Archdiocese of Glasgow
196 Clyde Street  
G1 4JY  

Tel: 0141 226 5898  
Fax: 0141 225 2600

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