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17 May
May 17
17th May 2006

The Scottish Catholic Media Office will launch a DVD tomorrow (Thursday 18 May) which aims to tackle many of the myths and misinformation contained in the bestselling book and newly launched film.  

The DVD titled "Cracking the Da Vinci Code" comprises a lecture by Professor Pat Reilly, Professor Emeritus of English Literature at Glasgow University which provides a critique of the literary style and theological content of the book. Prof. Reilly comments in his talk;  

"I didn t know whether to laugh or cry: laugh at the sheer fatuous absurdity of this farrago of nonsense or weep for the state of contemporary culture which has made the author of this ineptly-written drivel a multimillionaire."  

The DVD which also contains details of websites with further information has been produced by the Catholic Media Office will be distributed to all 62 Catholic secondary schools in Scotland this week. Additionally posters and order forms have been sent to all of Scotland's 500 Catholic parishes advertising the disc. The launch coincides with the release of the film in Scottish cinemas on Thursday.  

The launch will take place in St. Luke's High School in Barrhead at 10.30am on Thursday 18 May, it will comprise an introduction from SCMO Director Peter Kearney and comments from senior pupils who have read the book and watched the lecture. Their will be opportunities for interviews and photographs.  

Commenting on the initiative, Peter Kearney said;  
"The Church in preparing this resource is simply responding to reports that many Christians having read the "Da Vinci Code"felt their faith weakened or threatened by it. To those left feeling unsure about their religious beliefs we offer facts in place of fiction and reassurance on the basic truths of their faith. We hope people find this useful and see the release of the film as an opportunity to widen awareness of the Christian Gospels rather than a threat."  


Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
5 St. Vincent Place  
G1 2DH  
0141 221 1168  

Note to Editors:  

1.You are invited to send a reporter/photographer/camera crew to this event.  

2.Follow  this link for directions to St. Luke's High School  

Address: St. Luke's High School, Springfield Road, Barrhead, G78 2SG  

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