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13 November
Nov 13
13th November 2002

Catholic Church welcomes research into Scottish catholic schools.  

New research carried out by the Scottish Conservative Party has concluded,  
that pupils at Catholic schools achieve far higher pass rates at Higher  
level than pupils in similar non-denominational schools. The research was carried out by Colin Robertson 0131 348 5000 and is commented  
on below:  

Click here to download research  

13 September 2002  

Bishop Joseph Devine, President of the Catholic Education Commission  
commenting on the research carried out by Brian Monteith MSP, said:  

"The finding of this detailed research provides another boost for Catholic  
schools, proving as it does, that they promote academic attainment in a way  
not replicated in the non-denominational sector. We believe that our  
faith-centred approach to education is the key to this academic success."  

He added:  

"This evidence comes just three months after a System Three poll showed that  
a majority of Scots (52%) supported Catholic schools and that a staggering  
96% of Scots want to see "moral values" taught in schools.  
In combination, the two studies are a vindication of the faith-centred  
education that denominational schools can provide."  

John Oates, National Field Officer of the Catholic Education Commission  

"These results confirm our belief that Catholic schools are good for  
Scottish society and for Scottish education as well as being good for the  
Catholic community which they serve. The research also points up the need  
for further research into Catholic schools which the Scottish Executive  
should fund."  


Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
0141 221 1168  

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