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2 March
Mar 2
02nd March 2003

The Catholic Media Office in Glasgow has today announced the official
opening of its ISDN broadcasting studio. The soundproofed facility uses  
a "Glensound GSGC5X" Mixer linked to an ISDN line which enables broadcast
contributions to be made to radio stations anywhere in the world.

Technical details of the facility are shown below, broadcasters who  
wish to use it should in the first instance contact Peter Kearney, Director,
Catholic Media Office (0141 221 1168).


Technical Specification:
The GSGC5X is fitted with both G722 and APTX Codecs, allowing communication with both BBC and IRN studios. The ISDN number is: 0141 204 4956. An analogue telephone line has also been installed in the studio, the number is; 0141 221 2955.

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