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30 January
Jan 30
30th January 2002

Speaking to the Roman Rota, the Vatican tribunal that handles annulment appeals, yesterday (28 Jan), The Pope said the Church must speak out against divorce in society and promote the permanance and indissolubility of marriage. Which the Pope described as "an asset for the spouses, for the children, for the Church, and for all of mankind.  

"Lawyers, as independent professionals", the Holy Father concluded, should use their profession to just ends. The Pope described divorce as a "plague" on civil society. His comments should not be construed as a ban on Catholic lawyers acting in civil divorce cases, instead it is a plea to them to examine their conscience when working in this field.  

Reacting to the Pope's remarks, Emanuela Colombo a lawyer from Milan, working in family law said: "We Catholic lawyers must also serve the culture of indissolubility of marriage. (This) is a call to attention which challenges our professional seriousness, and at the same time, our Christian integrity."  


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