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13 February
Feb 13
13th February 2003

Speaking as the latest edition of the Scottish parliamentary magazine "Holyrood" is issued this week, Director of the Catholic Media Office, Peter Kearney has severely criticised an offensive cartoon printed beneath the editor's foreword in the 11 February edition.

Mr. Kearney said: "A drawing captioned 'Public Toilets' shows three doors, one marked 'Gents' one marked "Ladies' and the third marked 'Catholics'. There are no other captions to explain what is a grossly insulting and gratuitously offensive slur on the Scottish Catholic community."

He added: "At a time when the Scottish Executive is undertaking a wide ranging review into 'Religious Intolerance' this is in shockingly bad taste. Holyrood's editor Mr. Paul Hutcheon should resign of he knowingly sanctioned this offensive drawing , he owes his readers a full explanation and the Catholic community a complete retraction and apology."

The exclusive and highly expensive publication (priced at £11.50 per copy and only published 18 times a year) is targeted at the Scottish executive, Government ministers, civil servants, MSP's, Parliamentary staff, political parties and journalists - in other words Scotland's senior decision makers.

Mr John Deighan, the Catholic Church's Parliamentary Officer, explained: "Having recently subscribed to the magazine I have come to seriously question the value of what is a hugely overpriced publication. I do not intend to renew my subscription."

Mr. Kearney concluded, "I have today written to the magazine's editor demanding an explanation and full apology for the offence caused and urging him to consider his position."


NB: The picture below shows the cartoon concerned

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