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18 September
Sep 18
18th September 2009

Friday 18 September 2009
Church urges parishes to go online.
A joint initiative between the Catholic Church in Scotland and ISYS
Computer Services a Glasgow based IT company will be launched next week urging
all of Scotland's 500 parishes to go online.
In May of this year in his 43rd World Communications Day message, Pope
Benedict XVI addressed the subject of "digital technology" in a very
positive way. In a pastoral letter, Bishop Philip Tartaglia, President of
the National Communications Commission, sent to all Scottish parishes he
described how the Catholic Media Office was developing and using its own
website www.scmo.org and subsequently urged parishes that had not already
done so to go online with a parish website.
The National Communications Commission subsequently discussed how best
parishes could utilise the internet and agreed to circulate information on
establishing parish websites. In collaboration with "ISYS Computer Services"
the Church agreed a template package, which would allow any parish to
quickly establish and maintain a professional online presence.
Director of the Catholic Media Office, Peter Kearney said; "This is a very
exiting and innovative package which would allow any parish to establish a
professional website quickly and easily I hope it will encourage as many
parishes as possible to get online."
Kevin O'Neill (Director) of ISYS Computer Services, added; "ISYS are very
aware of the value of an online presence to any organisation and the
benefits that can come from it. We are delighted to work in partnership with
the Catholic Church to offer professional hosting, web design, domain name
registration and email to every Catholic parish in Scotland."
Mr O'Neill added; "Even if a parish already has a website they may be
interested in joining the rest of the parishes in adopting a common website address format, or in using our service to provide every member of the Clergy with a personalised email address in a standardised, non-Parish specific format - easily allowing priests to keep their own email address as
they move between parishes."
Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office
5 St. Vincent Place
G1 2DH  
0141 221 1168
07968 122291  
Note to editors:
1. To view a sample page showing the website design  ­ please visit
2. For a one-off setup cost of £80, plus ongoing costs of £10 per week, ISYS
* Design a website containing all of the information a parish would like to
make available online (or relocate an existing website to the new Diocesan
naming convention)  
* Publish any existing bulletin to a website every week
* Provide a personalised e-mail address to each Priest in a Parish in the
new Scotland-wide addressing format "@rcscotland.org.uk" (retaining existing
e-mail addresses if needed)
For more information call Kevin OÂ ¹Neill on 0141 275 9272 or
e-mail kevin@isys-computers.co.uk  

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