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3 June
Jun 3
03rd June 2004
The Bishop of Argyll and the Isles, Rt Rev Ian Murray,  
released the following statement on hearing news of the death of Mrs  
Shand Kydd:  

"The whole Catholic community of the highlands will be saddened to  
hear of the death of Frances Shand Kydd. She was a deeply spiritual  
woman who had very successfully made her home here, integrating into the  
community very well. The priest administrator of St Columba's  
Cathedral in Oban, Canon Donald MacKay, was with her when she died,  
shortly after having received the last rites of the Church.  

"She was a well-kent face in the Oban area, a reader at Mass in the  
Cathedral and always on hand to prepare teas and coffees, making meals  
for visiting clergy and generally helping out in whatever way she could.  

"She once said that her father had taught her to treat everyone the  
same, whether they came from 'castle, cottage or caravan'. That was  
a lesson she lived out very well, and many people, from all walks of  
life will be saddened by her passing."  

Commenting on the death of Frances Shand Kydd, Cardinal Keith O Brien President of the Bishops Conference of Scotland said:  

Frances Shand Kydd was a very wonderful member of the Cathedral Parish in Oban, participating fully in the life of the parish. Among my many memories of her is of her playing her full part in the liturgy but also working with the ladies of the parish in providing food and refreshments for priests and people after every function, which I attended.  

I am aware also of her dedication to the sick and handicapped on her regular visits to Lourdes and the inspiration, which she gave to many suffering people, having suffered herself in various ways throughout her life.  

I will be offering Mass for the happy repose of her soul and praying for all who mourn her.  


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