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26 February
Feb 26
26th February 2002

Following Bishop Mario Conti's departure to become Archbishop of Glasgow, Canon Peter Antony Moran has been elected as caretaker during the vacancy.  

Canon Moran (66), ordained priest in 1959 for the Archdiocese of Glasgow, has worked in the North-East of Scotland since 1964. He spent twenty-nine years at Blairs College, as teacher and administrator, fifteen of them as parish priest of St. Mary's. After transferring to become a member of Aberdeen diocese, he has for nine years been parish priest of Inverurie and its surrounding towns and villages.  

"As caretaker' Administrator", he says, "my task is to promote the many pastoral initiatives started during Bishop Conti's long period as bishop, and to support the morale of clergy and laity until a new leader is appointed."  

Contact: Tom Cooney (Press Officer) 01224 645 401  


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