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09th November 2000

"Responsible Commitment and Giving with Generosity" is the theme of a major initiative by the Diocese of Galloway. Throughout September, parishioners will be encouraged to look at how they could help in their parish, reassessing the level of their financial support.

Working in conjunction with Management Consultants, Paul lynch Associates, this initiative has been developed over the last twelve months to give an answer to this question: are parishioners taking seriously their responsibility to be involved in their parish community and are they contributing enough financially to the church?

Bishop Maurice Taylor of Galloway explains, " The Diocese of Galloway is solvent, but for some time now I have been concerned at the increasing financial costs the diocese and some parishes face. This initiative is an attempt to deal with the basic problem that our income has not kept pace with the needs of parishes and the diocese. We are asking our people to review the level of their financial support of their church. We are asking people to ask themselves how they can help their church."

To help the Diocese resolve this potential problem the Bishop has appointed a Financial Officer, former banker Harry McGregor, and to optimise Gift Aid Donations a Gift Aid Co-ordinator, Pauline Girvan.

During September, 24 lay volunteers will address the congregations of every parish in the diocese asking them to look at these issues and think seriously about responsible commitment and generous giving to their Church.


Bishop Maurice Taylor is available for interview on this matter.
Please call 01292 - 266750

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