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10 January
Jan 10
10th January 2003


Cardinal-elect O'Brien will travel to Rome on Wednesday 15 October (as previously arranged) to take part in the clelebrations for the Pope's Silver Jubilee (16 October) and the Beatification of Mother Teresa (19 October).  

The following additional arrangements have been made following the announcement of his elevation to the College of Cardinals:  

Monday 20 October:  

(am) Chartered flight will depart from Edinburgh airport direct to Rome. (The Catholic Media Office has reserved seats on this flight for journalists wishing to travel)  
(pm) Transfer to hotels in Rome  
(pm) Mass for Scottish travellers in central Rome (venue TBA)  
(pm) Press conference with Cardinal-elect O'Brien central Rome (venue TBA)  

Tuesday 21 October:  
10.30 Open air liturgy with the Pope at the outside altar steps of the Vatican Basililca (St. Peter's Square) at which new Cardinals will each receive their red biretta (hat). 16.30 - 18.30 New Cardinals available within the Vatican in separate halls (venue TBA) for the reception of guests (press access available)  
(pm) Mass for all Scottish travellers, celebrated by Archbishop Mario Conti in central Rome (venue TBA) (press access available)  

Wednesday 22 October:  
10.30 'Mass of the Rings' will take place at the outside altar steps of the Vatican Basililca (St. Peter's Square) at which new Cardinals will each receive their Cardinalatial Ring from the Pope. (press access available)  
(pm) Reception for Scottish travellers at Scots College, preceded by press conference at Scots College with cardinal O'Brien.  

Thursday 23 October:  
10.30 Audience for new Cardinals and supporters with the Pope in the Pope Paul VI Audience Hall. (press access available)  
(pm) Mass celebrated by Cardinal O'Brien in central Rome (venue TBA) for Scottish travellers (press access available)  

Friday 24 October:  
(am) Chartered flight departs Rome for Edinburgh  


Final timings to be confirmed  
Details of live audio and video feeds of main events to follow  

Please register your interest or that of your news organisation in attending any of the above programme with the Catholic Media Office in the first instance. Full details of accreditation procedures and costs will follow.  

Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
5 St. Vincent Place  
G1 2DH  
0141 221 1168  

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