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8 January
Jan 8
08th January 2014

Installation of new Bishop of Dunkeld

8 January 2014

The Mass of Installation of the Right Reverend Stephen Robson as Bishop of Dunkeld Will take place in St. Andrew s Cathedral, Dundee on 9 January 2014. Archbishop Leo Cushley, the Archbishop of St. Andrews & Edinburgh, will deliver the Homily.


Bishop Stephen Robson, previously Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh was appointed as the new Bishop of Dunkeld, by Pope Francis on 11 December 2013, replacing Bishop Vincent Logan who stood down as Bishop of Dunkeld after almost 30 years in December 2010 on health grounds.


Reacting to his appointment, Bishop Robson said;

I am deeply honoured to have been chosen by Pope Francis as the next Bishop of Dunkeld. I look forward to trying to build up the People of God in the Faith and in the confidence of being Catholic in a challenging world and look forward especially to helping the young and families to live the Gospel and to serve Christ in the Church. A big priority must also be to encourage vocations to the priesthood and religious life


In his homily, Archbishop Cushley will refer to the recent Feast of the Epiphany (5th January) and the gifts offered by the three Kings, suggesting that the gifts of prayer, wisdom and service will be essential to Bishop Stephen as he takes up this most important task of his many years of priestly service, in the pastoral leadership of the Church of Dunkeld.

Archbishop Cushley, will add; My wish for Bishop Stephen is that God grants him a spirit of prayer leading to holiness, a holiness that will make his actions a living Gospel among all the people of Dunkeld. The second gift I would ask for him is a spirit of wisdom.   In accepting to be your Pastor, Bishop Stephen swears his obedience to our Holy Father, Pope Francis.   This is not some empty act, some token gesture.   This is an essential part of his mission. The third gift that I would ask for Bishop Stephen is a spirit of service.      


Peter Kearney
Catholic Media Office
07968 122291(M)

Notes to Editors:

1. You are invited to send a reporter/photographer/ camera crew to St. Andrew s Cathedral, Nethergate, Dundee on 9 January at 7pm.

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