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5 September
Sep 5
05th September 2003

The Catholic Media Office invites print and broadcast journalists to a presentation on 'Human Cloning and Bioethics' at the Catholic Media Office, 5 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow.

The purpose of the briefing is to widen understanding of this subject, it will be in the form of a Power Point presentation and handout aimed at giving a basic understanding of the scientific, ethical and moral issues involved as well as providing a Catholic perspective on a complex and often newsworthy topic.

As well as the handout a "Briefing Card" and CD containing copies of the power point presentation as well as useful weblinks will also be available.

The briefing is the first in a series of detailed presentations aimed at working journalists and covering a wide range of topics. Details of future events will be sent to you in due course.

The presentation will take place between 10.30 - 12.00 at the Catholic Media Office, 5 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow on Monday 19 May.

To book your place please contact Jonathan Docherty, by 14 May on: 0141 221 1168 orresearch@scmo.org


Catholic Media Office
0141 221 1168

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