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15 November
Nov 15
15th November 2002

You are invited to the official launch of "VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS", which will take place on Tuesday 19 November at 12 noon in the Anderston Community Centre, Grace Street, Glasgow.  

The group recently formed by a number of Catholics of Pakistani origin living in Glasgow, aims to act as a voice for Christians of all  
denominations suffering for their religious beliefs in a number of Asian countries.  

In addressing the reality of those who suffer, "VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS" will aim to provide information on the persecutions of Christians and to petition Scottish civic and religious authorities to speak out about such injustice.  

The Chairman of the group, Fr. Gerard Nugent parish priest of St. Patrick's, Anderston said:  

"I was approached recently by a number of Catholic Pakistani families in the parish who wanted to bring their experiences of persecution and those of their fellow Christians in other denominations to a wider audience in Scotland. I offered to facilitate the formation of a group and help with the launch in the hope that awareness of this issue could be raised in this country."  

Catholic Media Office  
0141 221 1168  

Fr. Gerard Nugent  
0141 221 3579  

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