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17 May
May 17
17th May 2001

Limited numbers of the booklet have been sent to every parish in the country. In addition to the booklet a single page summary will be made available to parishioners through their local parish. The inclusion of a one-page summary is a bid to make the essential content of the document available to the largest number of people.  

The summary will be made available to all families attending Mass this coming weekend, 19-20 May.  


We call on Catholics to use their right to vote, and to vote responsibly after having reflected on certain key areas. We call on voters to examine in detail the personal integrity, outlook and past performance of each candidate, and the past record and current manifesto of each political party, so as to evaluate their positions in a consistent and ethical framework.

The Church does not preach values of the 'right' or 'left' but promotes moral principles upon which policies and laws should be built.

We must defend the unborn from the moment of conception. We re-affirm that abortion, human-embryo experimentation, cloning and euthanasia are all morally wrong because they attack human life itself; the fundamental right in which all others depend.

We must raise our voice to ensure that euthanasia will never take hold in this country.

We value the human dignity of the poor and needy, refugees and immigrants.

Our respect for life also means that we re-iterate our opposition to the continued presence of weapons of mass destruction in our midst.

Marriage provides the surest foundation for the mutual happiness of spouses and the upbringing of children. Policies on taxation, social security, welfare, and employment law should support marriage, help families and recognise the value of child-rearing.

Urgent consideration should be given to rewarding those fathers and mothers who choose to sacrifice their own career, for a period, to devote themselves full-time to their children. We call on an in-coming Government to come up with creative proposals to reward the work of child-rearing, respecting parents' freedom of choice ¦ no mother or father should be coerced into work at the expense of their children's welfare.

The new Government should seek dialogue with broadcasters, parents and other interested parties with a view to offering greater guidance as to the nature and content of programmes, websites and images which could harm the healthy development of young people.

We support efforts to lift people out of the poverty trap, through educational initiatives, job creation programmes and social security support. Unemployment remains the principal cause of poverty and we support measures which will lead to a return to full employment.

Catholic schools offer a faith-filled learning environment, which should be supported by the Government and Catholic community.

We support programs and policies that promote peace, and sustainable development for the world's poor. In particular we call for renewed campaigning to ease the un-payable debt burden of the world's poorest countries.

As Catholics we have a duty to recommit ourselves to the values of Gospel and Church teaching. Our aim is not to impose these values on non-believers, but rather to promote them, be inspired by them and work together with all our fellow citizens for the common good.  

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