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2 April
Apr 2
02nd April 2005

Following the death of Pope John Paul II, special Requiem Masses will be celebrated in St. Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh by Cardinal O'Brien as follows:  

Sunday 3 April 2005 at 11.30 - this would be the time of the normal Sunday morning Mass and parishioners of the Cathedral parish as well as others from around the Archdiocese are expected to attend.  

Monday 4 April 2005 at 19.30 - this Mass will be the one to which political and civic leaders will be invited. A formal invitation will be emailed by the Catholic Media Office tomorrow (Sunday) to the following groups:  
*All Scottish MP's  
*All MSP's  
*All Members of the Scottish Consular Corps  
*Leaders of all Christian denominations  
*Leaders of all other faith groups  
*Civic leaders of Councils within the Archdiocese of St. Andrew's & Edinburgh  

You are invited to send a reporter/photographer/camera crew to either of these Masses.  

A book of condolence has been opened and will remain available for signing within the Cathedral.  


Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
5 St. Vincent Place  
G1 2DH  
0141 221 1168  

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