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5 December
Dec 5
05th December 2001

My Dear People,  

In response to the current situation caused by terrorism and war, the Pope has asked Catholics to make Friday 14th December a special day of prayer, fasting and almsgiving in a gesture of solidarity with all those who are suffering.  

The Pope asks that we, Raise our pleas to God in this holy season of Advent as we prepare for Christmas, the day the Prince of Peace was born.  

The Holy Father has suggested that we, Live December 14 as a day of fasting and fervently pray to God, to give the world a stable peace . The Bishops of Scotland reiterate this call and urge you to remember that although the celebration of the birth of Jesus is a time of happiness and plenty in our own country, we must not forget the heavy sufferings that have afflicted and continue to afflict our many brothers and sisters throughout the world.  

The Old Testament teaches, that Prayer acquires strength when accompanied by fasting and almsgiving . In this spirit, we again urge you to contribute to S.C.I.A.F., s Afghanistan Appeal .  

May God Bless you and your families at this time.  

Yours sincerely in Christ,  

+The Most Rev Keith Patrick O Brien,  
Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh,  
Acting President of the Bishops Conference of Scotland.  

0845 3002324

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