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4 August
Aug 4
04th August 2002

The President of Scotland's leading international aid agency, SCIAF, has called for a greater effort from the international community to assist in the search for peace in the Middle East.  

Echoing the sentiments of church leaders in the region, Bishop John Mone said:  

"The violent and frightening events in the Holy Land are truly shocking. It is imperative that the leaders of both communities renounce any hope of achieving their aims by violence and commit themselves to dialogue as the true way to peace."  

"It is imperative also that the international community redouble its efforts to assist in this search for a just peace in line with United Nations security Council resolutions 1397 and 1402. Any settlement must recognise both the rights of the Palestinians to live in a state of their own, free from domination and military repression, and the right of Israel to peace and security. Violence will only lead to more violence and, as is often the case, it is the most vulnerable groups in society, especially women and children, who suffer.  

As we celebrate the Christian season of Easter we recall that the risen Christ's first words to his disciples in this very land were, 'peace be with you'. We pray that all those affected by this crisis will find this peace in the days and weeks ahead."  


Note to editors:  
SCIAF has sent £10,000 to provide emergency food and health care for the worst affected on the ground.

Paul Chitnis, chief executive of SCIAF can be contacted on 07748 183698.  

Bishop John Mone can be contacted through Peter Kearney, Catholic Media Office Director on 07968 122291  

The Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) is the official overseas aid and development agency of the Catholic Church in Scotland. It supports projects for change among poor people in Africa, Asia and Latin America, responds to emergency appeals and campaigns for a more just world.  

Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
07968 122291  

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