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17 September
Sep 17
17th September 2001

Response from the Catholic Church in Scotland to the 'Nolan Report' on child protection, commissioned by the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

The Catholic Church in Scotland welcomes the publication of this report. Our Child Protection National Advisory Group will study it with a view to further improving child protection procedures in Scotland.

The church in Scotland issued a comprehensive document "Keeping children safe" in 1999, which laid down national guidelines on child protection.

Much of what the 'Nolan' report recommends is already in place in Scotland. We have a National Co-ordinator who works closely with Diocesan advisors (all lay persons) to ensure uniformity of approach and implementation across the country.  

We have diocesan teams and advisors who take responsibility for advice, guidance and training within each diocese and a child protection officer in each diocese.

Training and information days have been held extensively with clergy and volunteers who work with children. The Catholic Church in Scotland is aware that it cannot be complacent and it must incorporate 'best practice' wherever it is found.

We have very good links within Scotland on matters of child protection with other churches as well as voluntary and statutory organisations. The Catholic Church in Scotland also welcomes the efforts of the Scottish Executive to strengthen Child Protection in Scotland by facilitating free criminal record checks for volunteers working with children.  


Peter Kearney, Director,  
Catholic Media Office,  
0141 221 1168

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