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11 March
Mar 11
11th March 2012

Sunday 11 March 2012

SNP plans to allow gay marriage would make Scots less likely to back independence, according to a new poll.
A survey of 1,004 Scots commissioned by the campaign group "Scotland For Marriage" has found that 11% of voters are less likely to vote to end the union if the controversial move to legalise same sex marriage goes ahead.
The poll by ORB Opinion Research Business found that only 2% of voters are more likely to back independence as a result.
Gordon Wilson, the former SNP leader, warned that the issue could prove a disaster for the nationalists at a time when they should be seeking to build consensus among voters.
The poll found that five times as many Scots are less likely rather than more likely to back independence as a result of the issue.
Gordon Wilson urged the Scottish government to reconsider its position. saying: It s a potential disaster. If the government presses ahead with this proposal against public opinion it will alienate people from voting for independence in the referendum.
SNP governments should have only one main priority: the winning of independence for Scotland, everything else is much less important. This is not so much handing out olive branches as beating people with them.
The SNP has to do everything in its power over the next two and a half years to persuade the population as a whole that independence is a good thing and this poll indicates that it is skating on very thin ice.
Commenting on the proposal, Catholic Church spokesman Peter Kearney said; "The fact that five times as many voters are turned off independence by the Government's attitude to same sex marriage, as are attracted to it, shows that it is a massive vote loser which will only alienate many electors. Hopefully the fact that a redefinition of marriage would be inherently unjust as well as an electoral liability will convince the Government to change its position."


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