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12 April
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12th April 2011

Scottish Parliament Election 2011


At their meeting in Edinburgh on 12 April 2011, the Bishops Conference of Scotland released the following statement on the forthcoming Scottish Parliament Elections:


The Scottish Parliamentary election is a time for Catholics to exercise their duty to be responsible citizens. The Church provides guidance for the Catholic faithful and all people of goodwill in the form of our Social Teaching.


Catholic Social Teaching is helpful addresses all areas of social policies and is independent of party political considerations. The Bishops' Conference has made a resource available, which we recommend to all parishes and individuals for gaining an insight into Catholic Social Teaching.


The website www.catholicvotersguide.org is now active and we trust that it can be of valuable assistance to all who wish to ensure that the wisdom of the Christian message has a part to play in the political considerations of the people of Scotland.


The Church s Parliamentary Officer, John Deighan added;


Political parties will vary in how they try to contribute to a decent society but there is no simple blueprint. There may be many ways of tackling issues of social concern. However all political and social policies must uphold the wellbeing of the human person and of the common good of society.

Hopefully,  www.catholicvotersguide.org  will be of use to many voters, the website aims to give an insight into the Church's social teaching in some of the most important areas being considered by Christians at this election.




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Note to Editors:


1. As well as containing information on a wide range of issues at various levels of detail to help people assess important social issues based on the principles of Catholic social teaching, the site also includes video interviews with all five Scottish party leaders, here; http://www.catholicvotersguide.org/party-leaders

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