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03rd July 2003


To send a reviewer to a performance of

a play by Pope John Paul II

at The University of Glasgow Catholic Chaplaincy
Turnbull Hall,15 Southpark Terrace, Glasgow

Friday 7th-Monday 10th March at 7.00pm.

Post Performance Discussion with Cast Refreshments
Contact: Tel 339 4315 email RCChaplaincy@gla.ac.uk

Students at Glasgow University's Catholic Chaplaincy are making final preparations for performances of Pope John Paul's play, "The Jeweller's Shop" which will run from 7 March to 10 March.

At University during World War II, John Paul was himself a fine young actor whose only ambition was to become a professional on the stage. He believed that being involved in the arts was his best way of saving the Polish culture from Nazi oppression.

As a priest ministering later in a Soviet backed Polish Communist State his acting skills passed into play writing and the themes became more urgently about human rights, freedom and the human spirit, as well as insisting on the natural faith and religious intuitions which are so deeply rooted in the human person.  

The Jeweller's Shop, in this period, charts the lives of two married couples and their children. One union ends almost before it has begun when the young husband is killed at war and leaves his wife to raise their infant son. The other couple, while raising their own family gradually grow apart to the point where the woman, seeking an end of their relationship, takes her wedding ring to the Jeweller's Shop to pawn it.

This project is the first full length play for its director, Stephen Callaghan. Twenty-one year old Stephen from Merrylee, Glasgow, is a senior honours student in Theatre, Film and T.V. at the University.

Fr John Keenan, the University's Catholic Chaplain, is excited that the students have gone for this initiative.

Fr John Keenan: phone 339 4315, or email RCChaplaincy@gla.ac.uk

Catholic Media Office
0141 221 1168

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