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19 March
Mar 19
19th March 2004

Scotus College annual fundraising event.  

The community of Scotus College, the National Seminary in Scotland, held its annual fundraising event recently, the proceeds of which were given to the Young Persons Beginnning Experience (YPBE).  

This group offers support for young people aged 12 and above who are experiencing the pain of loss involved in the death of a parent, or as a result of separation or divorce. The community of Scotus College raised over £3,000, and the cheque was presented to two of the adult members of the YPBE.  

The group of young people regularly use the premises of Scotus College, and the work of YPBE is recognised as a very valuable pastoral response to the difficulties which these young people are experiencing because of their tragic circumstances.  

The funds raised will help finance the weekend residential events which the YPBE organise in order to give the young people an opportunity to come to terms with their situations in a calm, non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere.  

Further information : William McFadden, 0141 942 8384  


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