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19 March
Mar 19
19th March 2004

Scotus College On Pilgrimage To Whithorn.  

The community of Scotus College, the National Seminary in Scotland, made a lenten pilgrimage to the cave of St Ninian in Whithorn.  

The day included a visit to the Whithorn dig, time spent walking through the ruins of Whithorn Priory, and the celebration of Mass in the cave of St Ninian.  

The pilgrimage gave the college community the opportunity to connect with the great tradition of faith associated with Saint Ninian, and the strong link to the past was highlighted by the celebration of Eucharist in the very cave used by the saint himself.  

Throughout the day the community of Scotus were reminded of the heritage of faith which stems from Ninian's landing at Whithorn in 397A.D., and how important Whithorn was through the centuries as a place of learning and worship.  

This visit to Whithorn follows the custom in the college of visiting sacred places in Scotland during the period of lent, and so allows both the staff and the students the opportunity of making pilgrimage an important part of their lenten journey.  

Further information : William McFadden, 0141 942 8384  


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