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14 June
Jun 14
14th June 2002

The Bishops' Conference of Scotland, has asked for the help of the clergy and laity of Scotland in helping them decide the way ahead regarding the issue of seminary provision and use.  

The number of priests staffing parishes has reduced considerably over the past twenty years. The same is true regarding the total number of students in our three national seminaries. In 1992 the total number of students was close to 90 ­ today the total is closer to 40.  

The recommendations of the bishops are noted below, reaction and comment to these has been invited. Replies are to be made by 15th October 2002 with a view to a final decision being made at the Bishops' November meeting.  

Reduce the number of our seminaries from three to two ­ retaining the Pontifical Scots College in Rome and the Royal Scots College in Salamanca.  
Retain the facilities available in Scotus College in Glasgow, maximizing their use for the promotion of vocations, the provision of courses for seminarians and others, the delivery of Pastoral Programmes, as well as a location for the General Secretariat and other Agencies and Commissions of the Bishops' Conference.  

Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
0141 221 1168  

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