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2 July
Jul 2
02nd July 2004
Following the formal identification of the body of Fr Michael Lynch, this evening, Bishop John Cunningham released the following statement:  

"The sudden death of Fr. Michael Lynch in such tragic circumstances came as a great shock to me personally. Although I have been Bishop of Galloway for just a few weeks, I have known Fr. Lynch for 27 years. However my heart goes out to Fr. Michael's family and friends and to the parishioners of St. Peter's, Ardrossan, whom he has served as parish priest for some 25 years. I will of course be remembering the Lynch family and the people of St. Peter's, Ardrossan in my prayers, and I intend to join the parishioners in Ardrossan this weekend where I will celebrate all Sunday Masses with them."  


Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
07968 122291  


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