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30th May 2002

Following the suicide of Fr. Gerry Prior, parish priest at St. Peter's , Livingston, the statement below has been released by his parents, Owen and Agnes Prior.  

"It was with a sense of profound disbelief, dismay and sadness, that we learned yesterday of the death of our son Fr. Gerry Prior. The fact that he took his own life has made a tragic situation even harder to bear.

To his family, friends and all who knew him he was an extrovert, a workaholic and a deeply committed man. Committed to his vocation, the priesthood, his diocese and his parish.  

He made himself available to all who asked, but this giving was at his own expense, leaving him exhausted, burnt-out and in need of rest. Sadly his rest was final.  

We, his family, deeply appreciate the tremendous outpouring of prayers and sympathy extended to us since his death. They provide a reassurance of the esteem in which he was held by so many.  

In a final note to us he simply asked for; forgiveness, prayers and understanding, we echo this call.  

We now ask for privacy so we may grieve as a family and come to terms with our terrible loss.  


NOTE: Fr Prior, had been parish priest at St. Peter's , Livingston since September 1995. He attended Blairs Junior Seminary in Aberdeen and Drygrange college. He was ordained in 1990 by Archbishop O'Brien. He was 37 years old.  

Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
0141 221 1168  

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