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30 March
Mar 30
30th March 2002

Speaking today (Saturday 30 March, 2002) Archbishop Keith O'Brien, commenting on the possibility of British involvement in a US led invasion of Iraq, said:  

"For any country to go to war, it must have clear and moral reasons for doing so, and any proposed action must be proportionate to the danger that a country is facing. Should the British government wish to support US action against Iraq, it has a duty to provide clear reasons for doing so. Such justification has yet to be provided and would have to take account of any potential threat to this country posed by Iraq.  

Archbishop O'Brien agreed with Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor that the consequences of any military action must be examined extremely seriously in order to avoid the possibility of exacerbating an already tense situation."  


Archbishop O'Brien, is Archbishop of St. Andrew's and Edinburgh and President of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland.  

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