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2 December
Dec 2
02nd December 2003


"Together with other faiths we share the concern that war in the Middle East is now perceived as being inevitable. We also share the concerns of those who remain to be convinced that the evidence made available to date justifies such action.

At this crucial time we ask people to reflect on and support continuing efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Iraq and to pray for such an outcome. In Catholic tradition war can only be justified as a last resort, when all other means of resolution have been exhausted. To go to war is to admit failure of the complex machinery
of negotiation. As Pope John Paul II has said: "War is the most barbarous and least effective way of resolving differences between nations".

We support all those who are working for peace through diplomatic and other channels, including the U.N. Weapons Inspectors ­ while recognizing the only way to bring about a lasting peace is to work for Justice, observing at all times the great commandment of the Christian faith ­ to Love Our Neighbour As Ourselves.


Peter Kearney
Catholic Media Office
0141 221 1168

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