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2 May
May 2
02nd May 2008

2 May 2008

The Bishops' Conference of Scotland has unanimously agreed to transfer to
the University of Aberdeen the historic collection presently housed at
the Scottish Catholic Archives. The historic collection dates from the
12th century to 1878, when the Hierarchy was restored in Scotland and is
of immense historical significance.

The proposal will mean the collection being housed at the University on
completion of the new University library. Professor Christopher Gane,
the University's Vice Principal for Culture and Communities, welcomed
the Bishops' decision, saying: "Discussions between ourselves and the
Church are progressing very positively with a view to ensuring that this
important collection will enjoy the first-rate conditions of safekeeping
and access which it so richly deserves."

Commenting on the move, Archbishop Mario Conti, President of the
National Heritage Commission said; "I am delighted that this invaluable
collection of historical material chronicling the life of the Scottish
Church will be secured in a world class location with access for future
generations of scholars. The decision to move the archive was made after
several years of discussion and debate within the Church's heritage
Commission and with the University of Aberdeen."

Archbishop Conti added; "Unfortunately the current location of our
archive in a converted building in central Edinburgh does not meet
modern storage standards and the Church is concerned to secure the long
term security and accessibility of the collection."

Additionally the bulk of the historic collections comprise material
previously gathered at Blairs College in Aberdeen, from other locations.
The transfer back to the North east will see a return for these
collections after a break of half a century.

The post of Keeper of the Catholic Archives will be retained.


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