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11 May
May 11
11th May 2005
First Minister Jack McConnell joined veterans and civic and academic guests for a service in St Andrew s Cathedral, Dundee, to mark the 60th anniversary of VE Day.  

The guests were welcomed to the cathedral by Bishop Vincent Logan of Dunkeld, who led the Drumhead Service along with the Rev Bob Wightman, chaplain to the City of Dundee Ex-Services Association. Also taking part was the Moderator of Dundee Presbytery, the Rev James Wilson.  

Dundee s newly-elected MPs Jim McGovern and Stewart Hosie were among the guests, as were Transport Minister Nicol Stephen and his fellow MSPs Kate Maclean and Shona Robison.  

Cathedral Administrator Father Michael Milton spoke in his homily of the day s celebration being much more than just a date on the calendar for those who lived through those dark years over 60 years ago.  

He said: Just as this Cathedral is a silent witness to the faith community down the years, the standards which have been borne into place today, and your presence, are witnesses to a sacrifice which so many gave so that we may enjoy peace and freedom.  

For those of you who survived the years of violence and for those who serve Queen and country today, today s celebration is part of your life story and gives witness, not only to the true value of victory, but also the reality of the true cost of war as you recall fallen comrades and friends.  

Today is not about the glory of war, it is about the true cost in life, in emotions, friendship, love, bravery, the self-giving of one individual for another. It is this sacrifice we recall today with admiration, thanksgiving and prayer.  

We are the inheritors of a world won for us by those who fought for freedom and peace.  

As such we have a duty, not only to give thanks for that victory, but to ensure that the world we hand on is worthy of past sacrifices and one that has truly benfitted from the peace and freedom they won for us.  

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