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18 July
Jul 18
18th July 2017

The Bishops’ Conference of Scotland has announced the appointment of Dr Alison Burke as Curator of the Scottish Catholic Heritage Collection at Blairs Museum. Dr Burke was previously Creative Project Co-ordinator with Aberdeen City Council where she started in 2017 to build creative networks in Education in Aberdeen, working with arts based projects in the city’s schools.   She has also worked with the National Trust for Scotland as Manager of Drum Castle and Craigievar Castle and was awarded the George Waterson Award for Services in Conservation (2015) for conservation management of Drum’s collection and for project managing the creation of a bespoke gallery in partnership with Aberdeen Art Gallery to continue displaying AAG’s choice collection items during its refurbishmen...

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28 June
Jun 28
28th June 2017

The Director of the Catholic Parliamentary Office, Anthony Horan has sent a copy of the Catholic church’s anti bullying strategy to Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, after a controversial Tweet in which she suggested “inclusive education” was not supported in Catholic schools.   In a message to the Labour leader, Anthony Horan said; “Catholic schools challenge discrimination and bullying on any grounds. The Scottish Catholic Education Service (SCES) recently hosted a training day for teachers, which focused on anti-bullying and ensured all protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010 were covered.”   Mr Horan added; “A meeting held in March of this year to brief Labour MSPs on the work being done to tackle bullying in Catholic schools, was sadly atten...

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23 June
Jun 23
23rd June 2017

In a letter to Scotland’s catholic parishes, the Director of the Catholic Parliamentary Office, Anthony Horan has urged catholic members of the BMA to sign an open letter to the organisation urging delegates to the BMA conference next Tuesday (27 June) to reject a motion calling for abortion to be decriminalised.   In the latter Anthony Horan points out that support from the BMA for decriminalisation could open a door to: “Sex-selective abortions, mail-order abortions and the distribution of abortion pills on school premises” Mr Horan’s letter also points out that liberalising abortion law, “would be in stark contrast to the views of the public, the vast majority of whom want to see a reduction in the number of abortions and in the permitted time limit."   ...

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