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28 April
Apr 28
28th April 1999

The Roman Catholic Bishops of Scotland have published their official statement on the forthcoming elections to the Scottish Parliament.The statement - to be read at all Masses week ending 1st /2nd May 1999 - outlines the Bishops' views on a series of issues facing the electors.Roman Catholic Bishops of Scotland have published their official statement on the forthcoming elections to the Scottish Parliament.The statement - to be read at all Masses week ending 1st /2nd May 1999 - outlines the Bishops' views on a series of issues facing the electors.Among the areas highlighted in the document are:~ A concern that euthanasia could be allowed "via the back door" of the Scottish Parliament.  ~ A call for the lifting of the "heavy burden" of debt weighing on students following the introduction of tuition fees and the abolition of the student grant.  ~ A reminder of the Bishops' constant position that there can be no justification for stockpiling nuclear weapons in Scotland.  Commenting on the statement, Cardinal Thomas Winning, President of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland said: "This document is underpinned by our constant concern for the common good of all Scots.We greatly welcome the advent of a Scottish Parliament. This document sets out some of the themes we have constantly spoken about in recent years. It highlights the issues we believe to be priorities facing the New Scotland. " "MAKE THE CROSS COUNT"A pre-election statement by  the Catholic Bishops of Scotland 'Our own parliament for the first time in almost 300 years!This is a development we welcome.Today's voters, both nationally and locally, have a unique responsibility: that of building afresh on the solid foundations of Scotland's past. Scotland's historic place within the United Kingdom and among the nations of Europe was identified with the cross of Saint Andrew- ever a sign of death and new life. Catholics in Scotland are committed to playing their part in shaping Scotland's future.Our vision is of a land where every man, woman and child is respected and valued for who they are rather than what they have or what they do.  Our vision is of a nation where people are not shackled by history; where prejudice on grounds of creed, colour or race is outlawed forever.  Our vision is of a community in which the common good rather than narrow self-interest is our motivation.  Our vision is of a country where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential in life - spiritually, educationally, socially... where people have the chance to "be all they can be".  It is not our intention to advise electors which party or candidates they should favour. We urge you to use your vote at both national and local level according to your conscience and make a difference on May 6. Make the Cross count on election day by saying...Yes to a Fresh StartOur expectation for the new Parliament is of a participative, constructive assembly, not enslaved by ideology;' but committed to the common good. We believe the Scottish people can and will focus on the main issues facing us. We trust that politicians too will focus on these issues.Yes to LifeWe are at our weakest when coming into and departing from this world. That is why our children and our brothers and sisters who are elderly or ill need our protection. Abortion and euthanasia are violations of the basic right of the very young and the very old to exist. We must ensure that those elected on May 6 will enshrine a respect for life in the foundations of our new democracy, and, at the same time, reject any moves towards living wills which legally bind our doctors, so-called mercy killing and experimentation on human beings.Yes to EducationWe want all Scots to have the chance to "learn to the limit", to realise their potential for knowledge and skills. We call for the provision of an education system that is free to all,' including those at university level, and includes adequate student maintenance grants. Our Catholic ...

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15 April
Apr 15
15th April 1999

Cardinal Winning will join the Pope at a ceremony in St Peter's Square this Sunday (18th April 1999) when the founder of the Marist Brothers will be declared a Saint.  Arriving in the city in 1858, the Marist Brothers were responsible for founding 8 schools in Scotland.  Whilst Brother Marcellin Champagnat - the Founder - is the one to be canonised in Rome, it is Marist Brother Walfrid who is probably better known in the East End of the city for his involvement with Celtic Football Club.  For Further Information: Contact - Brother Lewis - Tel: 0141-339-8259  ...

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11 April
Apr 11
11th April 1999

Father Paul Morton, Parish Priest of Corpus Christi, Calderbank, has been appointed Co-ordinator of Pastoral Planning for the Diocese of Motherwell s Bishop Joseph Devine.His new role is to promote the ongoing renewal of Christian Life in the Diocese and ensure that the work of the various Agencies is co-ordinated and publicised.At a time when Christian values are under constant attack and Church attendances continue to fall, Father Paul will find his new and additional role both challenging and demanding.ENDSFURTHER INFORMATION:Father Paul Morton,Corpus ChristiCrowwood CrescentCalderbankAIRDRIEML6 9TATel: 01236-763670FAX: 01236-770368PR 041199 TC...