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4 April
Apr 4
4th April 2004

Invitation to Press Conference held by Cardinal Keith O'Brien prior to departing for Rome on Tuesday 5 April at 09.30 at Edinburgh Airport.  

You are invited to send a reporter/photographer/camera crew to a Press Conference which will be held at 09.30 on Tuesday 5 April in the 'Prayer Room' of Edinburgh Airport, situated on the ground floor adjacent to the International Arrivals area.  

Cardinal Keith O'Brien will be available for interview prior to his departure for Rome for the funeral of Pope John Paul II and the subsequent Conclave.  

The following statement has been released by the Cardinal ahead of his departure for Rome:  

"I leave for Rome with mixed emotions, to attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II and to participate in the subsequent conclave to elect his successor. I feel sadness at the loss of a great man who served the Church to his last breath, happiness that he has gone to his eternal reward and trepidation as I join with my brother cardinals in the momentous task of selecting a new Pope."  

"Like me almost all of the 117 cardinals who will vote in the forthcoming conclave were appointed by Pope John Paul II - we have not taken part in a conclave before - we enter this process in prayer and reflection asking the Holy Spirit to guide our actions and urging the faithful around the world to remember us in their prayers."  

"To be called to elect the successor to St Peter and to play a part in the Apostolic Succession is an awesome responsibility, I am humbled by the trust placed in me and immensely grateful for the wave of support which has washed over me in the last 48 hours. I remain keenly aware of the fact that I am only the second, resident Scottish cardinal since the Reformation to participate in a Papal Conclave, the last being my predecessor as Archbishop of St. Andrew's & Edinburgh, Cardinal Gordon Gray who participated in the 1978 conclave that elected John Paul II."  

"I carry with me the hopes and prayers of many of my fellow Scots and in return I give them my promise that throughout my time in Rome I will remember them and pray for the intentions of Scotland and all its people."  


Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
5 St. Vincent Place  
G1 2DH  
0141 221 1168  

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