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15 March
Mar 15
15th March 2005
Scottish Bishops comment on election issues.  

During the meeting of the Bishops Conference of Scotland in Glasgow today,  
Scotland s Catholic Bishops, meeting for the last time before the expected  
General Election, issued the following statement:  

The forthcoming election provides an important opportunity for all  
Catholics to play a part in shaping the values which will direct the  
political activity of the UK Parliament and Government. All citizens  
concerned with the Common Good of society must take their democratic  
responsibilities seriously and participate in the electoral process. Their  
participation however should be informed and in the case of Catholic voters  
guided by the teachings of the Church.  

In this regard, we highlight the following issues as being of fundamental  
importance and ask Catholics to question candidates on them:  

While new threats to life continue to emerge in the form of embryonic  
research, human cloning and ˜assisted dying legislation we remain utterly  
opposed to the appalling practice of abortion. Each and every human life is  
worthy of respect and legal protection from its very beginnings. We seek an  
end to legislation that permits this practice and remain supportive of  
amendments that limit its effects. This would include reductions in the  
legal time limit for abortions.  

We live in a time of grave international tension where poverty exists at  
home and abroad on a dehumanising level. Though most in our society have  
benefited from economic prosperity, many remain excluded. Meanwhile in other  
countries we see poverty and hunger on an appalling scale. We have a duty,  
founded in love and solidarity with our fellow citizens and the citizens of  
the world to ensure that all have the opportunity to share in the goods of  
the earth and the prosperity that human work has created. (*)  

In a world where a child dies every 3 seconds and over 100 million children  
do not go to school we urge all political parties to accept a binding  
commitment to meet the 0.7% of gross national income as aid target by 2010.  
In the UK, international aid is currently only half this figure. The funding  
of debt relief should be additional to our aid commitment and should not  
have economic policy conditions attached other than those which ensure  
transparency and good financial accounting.  

We see European cooperation as a sign of hope for increased international  
solidarity between nations and peoples. Such solidarity is good for society  
and the world at large. We hope Europe does not become detached from its  
ethical and historical origins founded on Christian beliefs and ideals. The  
political processes of the European Union must be increasingly responsive  
and transparent in order that its institutions receive the support and  
endorsement of Europe s citizens.  

President of the Bishops Conference, Cardinal Keith O Brien said; More  
than six million abortions have been carried out in the United Kingdom since  
the passing of the Abortion Act. They represent a senseless waste of human  
life and an attack on vast numbers of humans at their most defenceless. As  
the truth of this appalling practice dawns on more and more people, I urge  
them to quiz their prospective candidates on the issue and demand that it is  
placed at the top of the political agenda.  

Vice President of the Bishops Conference, Archbishop Mario Conti commented;  
We commend the rich social teaching of the Church to all Catholics and  
remind them of the necessity of justice in trade, parity in the assistance  
we give to others and the duty of wise stewardship of all our planet s  
resources, while we remember at all times our own calling as Christians and  
the opportunity this election gives us to carry the values of the Gospel  
into the life of society  


1. (*) The Bishops' Conference commend the publication "Prosperity with a  
Purpose" launched by CTBI (Churches Together in Britain and Ireland)  
recently. Details from CTBI, Bastille Court,2 Paris Garden,London SE1 8ND  
020 7654 7220,  

2. A fuller pastoral letter will be issued by the Scottish Bishops'  
Conference prior to the General Election.  

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