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20 March
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20th March 2005

The following statement on the implications of the Charter for Catholic  
Schools was issued today by Mr Michael McGrath, Director of the Catholic  
Education Service.  

"In June 2004, the document ˜A Charter for Catholic Schools in Scotland was  
published by the Scottish Catholic Education Service on behalf of the  
Bishops Conference of Scotland to describe the distinctive educational  
provision offered by Catholic schools in Scotland."  

"The Charter outlined ten essential elements of the Catholic Church s  
philosophy of education which can be found in Catholic schools throughout  
Scotland. The Charter stresses the Catholic school's role as a community of  
faith and learning with a responsibility to provide an integrated approach  
to learning and formation, based on explicit values which are shared and  
celebrated, and promoting the importance of service to the common good. The  
Charter demonstrates that any school which exhibits these features is providing a valuable approach to learning and formation which is based on an explicit values framework, and on an inclusive ethos which honours all people."  

"Among the key points of the charter was: 'a commitment to uphold the moral  
teaching, faith tradition and sacramental life of the Catholic Church'. The  
document concluded with the statement: 'All staff appointed to a Catholic  
school are expected to support and promote the aims, mission, values and  
ethos of the school, as illustrated in this Charter.'"  

"The Charter for Catholic Schools aims to explicitly set out the aims and  
mission of the Catholic school. It is a church document and is not subject  
to the approval or authorisation of any other organisation."  


Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office  
5 St. Vincent Place  
G1 2DH  
0141 221 1168  

Note the full text of the Charter can be viewed at:  


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